Last week I had the pleasure of not only being asked to do the flowers but to attend (as in I actually got to stay and not rush off with creates slung under my arm) a beautiful lunch hosted by Bon Apetit and the awesome duo from Local Creative. 

 The intention of the event was to explore the various ways of story telling and how today so much of that is through the images we're able to immediately share with the world. Drawing from various iconic color palates from Ralph Lauren's Paint collection, the event was curated with different stations of food, beverage and flowers complementing the various colors. Each of the guests were encouraged to use the various elements to create images and thus tell their own little story.

The colors selected were so much fun to interpret into flowers. I loved creating an ombre effect for the main table, moving from deep blue to pale yellow and all the colors in between. 

 The food was of course amazing. The company top notch. AND I was given a tour of the BA test Kitchen!!! Best day ever.